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​ ​​​Mariejon de Jong-Buijs


Mockup Walk the Line 

Walk the line

Acrylic on canvas, 500 x 220 cm. (4x)


Walk the Line

The installation consists of four large-scale paintings, each 220 x 500 cm in size, stretched around a 220 x 250 cm wooden frame. The viewer can move around the individual pieces and view both painted sides. The canvases are installed with transparent nylon threats hung from the ceiling, about 20/30 cm above the floor. In this way, they appear to "float" in the space.

Walk the Line aims to challenge traditional concepts of viewing art by inviting the public to physically interact with the works. It could be in a foyer, an entrance a public place where people meet, come together, have a break and spend time with each other.

Walk the Line encourages visitors to move throughout the space in-between the works, providing an immersive experience of strolling through nature. As visitors walk through the “landscape of paintings”, they will not only appreciate the visual aesthetics, but also gain insights into the processual character of painting. The audience can appreciate the hand of the artist and study the uneven brushstrokes in close-up. Does the audience identify the performative gestures in the process? In what ways does the spacious display of works affect the audience? The layers of paint capture a sense of time, complete with gestural movement from hand and body. This immersive experience aims to foster a deeper connection with and understanding of the works.