I am a Dutch born artist, currently living and working in Basel, Switzerland. My process-based work is inspired by the tradition of Dutch landscape painting, a physical inspiration born of my own youthful work experience on farms and a long visual immersion in the history of the genre. Rather than represent the landscape, I reconnect with it and my memories of it in the making of the works, many of which begin their lives outside. I paint large-scale paintings, often characterized by their use of saturated colors, geometric shapes, repetitive patterns and folding of the canvas.

My work can be seen as a continuation of abstraction combined with Geometric Minimal Abstraction. I am interested in the ways which paint can be used to create marks, inscriptions, and gestures through the use of non-traditional paint application like tractors, back-sprayers and other working tools, and by using the full range of my body working both outside and within the studio. Here “painting” is understood as a procedure for carrying out specific actions which make the vicissitudes of the paint visible. The resulting work on canvas exposes the process, tools, materials and the act of movement. Working within the tradition of the painted canvas, I am committed to exploring ways of taking painting beyond the limits of the easel.

Basel, Switzerland 2024

Mariejon de Jong-Buijs



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​ ​​​Mariejon de Jong-Buijs