"Every journey, wherever it may go, is not only a journey of the self, but also and above all into the I. What makes it interesting is the ingredient of our imagination: it gives the house a façade, a face to a man." (Alain de Botton, the Art of Travel)

For Mariejon de Jong-Buijs, traveling is part of their existence. The work shown here comes from a group of works that the artist calls "Transportable Places". At home in the studio, she has folded a blank canvas and taken along on the journey. It is unfolded at each new location. In the process, various impressions and found objects leave their mark on it until the canvas arrives home together with the artist. The painting becomes a time capsule, a bearer of remembrance and thus allows an insight into the soul. In the exhibition, we no longer see the resulting image, but photos that document the beginning and end of this performative process, supplemented by a travel protocol with the places visited.

Curators Andreas Frick / Martina Siegwolf Border-Crossing, Regionale 17, FABRIKculture Hégenheim, France 2016/2017

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Photography, printed on Aluminum Dibond
30 x 36 cm. Each, tryptic, 2016, Ed. 1/5

Cotton, 8,533.1 miles, bundled with rope 

​ ​​​Mariejon de Jong-Buijs


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