​ ​​​Mariejon de Jong-Buijs


Wavelength Art, a curatorial collaborative founded by Gianluca Bianchino and Jeanne Brasile in 2015, seeks video art for “Pandemic Projections” an impromptu series of public video projections developed in response to current social-distancing efforts in place to stop transmission of COVID-19. This public intervention will consist of silent videos projected from one curators’ kitchen window on Main Street in Singac, New Jersey – against a 70’ section of wall on a commercial building across the street. The projections will run looped for roughly one hour each scheduled evening from 8:30 for 60 to 90 minutes no less than one time per week. The projections may occur more frequently depending upon the number of submissions. “Public Art in the Age of the Pandemic” will continue until;  social distancing orders are relaxed, the pandemic is declared over, the curators are asked by neighbors to discontinue the event, they are served a cease and desist by authorities or the curators run out of content and/or interest.  

To see the "Pandemic Projections" from April 19th. 2020 click on the link

Featuring: Matt Sheridan, Lauren Vroegendewey and Mariejon de Jong-Buijs




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